At my first YarnCon, I was immediately taken in by the unique yarns and imaginative creators but couldn't fathom that I would be a vendor 4 years later.  The experience has been incredibly affirming. I was fortunate to have my booth right next to BeautifulSyster, who make adorable project bags. I highly suggest visiting their Etsy shop, and checking out their newest bag, The Heather, which allows you to walk and knit with ease. The pair of sisters are a riot! We chatted all through out the con, and gave each other ideas and encouragement. From the first crafters in the door who gushed with complements to valuable one on one chats with knitters and crocheters, I couldn't be more energized. My head is filled with ideas, and gratitude for all of those people who have nudged me along the way. 

I have a lot of thanks yous to dish out, in no particular order:

The Waickman's - for asking me a million and six questions about a business that was highly theoretical at the time, and all the conversations that followed.

My Boss- who has been incredibly flexible, and given me a few business woman to business woman pep talks.

My fellow entrepreneur- whose organic coffee (Brand coming soon) has fueled many a dying session.

My First buyer- Barbara of Yarnify who stocks 912Yarn in her gorgeous shop in the West Loop.

My Snow people- who constantly challenge each other to set goals, and show unending support in achieving them.

My yarny friends- whose finished projects I hope to share with you very soon! 

My Parents- who agreed to pay for a FIber Arts degree, and for showing me endless love and support.

Stefan- for cooking dinner, reaching the things in the tall cabinets, lifting heavy things and discussing at length what color canary and vermilion would make.